Are HGTV Reality Shows Fake? You Betcha! Fake As A $3 Bill

HGTV Reality Shows Are As Fake As A $3 Bill

HGTV reality

Let’s face it, most people are idiots. They believe what they see on TV. Case in point, I used to get calls from people all the time who thought because they watched four episodes of the Apprentice, they can make millions of dollars in real estate like Trump. The explosion of HGTV reality shows over the past decade has made thousands of people believe they are real estate and home renovation gurus.

However, people fail to understand that reality shows are not based on reality. HGTV reality shows make it appear that any chimpanzee with a hammer can do it.

Sure, the shows have real people living real lives and doing real things but aren’t quite so real. Producers go to great lengths to create these fake reality shows and try to keep the truth hidden from viewers. They also stage scenes and write scripts. Producers also edit situations to make good people look bad, and rude people look nice.

Cable networks like fake reality TV shows because they’re cheap to make. Why? First, producers write the scripts so they don’t have to hire writers. Therefore, they don’t have to pay writers based on Writer’s Guild pay levels. Producers also don’t use professional actors. Therefore, they don’t need to pay actors at union scale.

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