PHH Mortgage Evicting Disabled Combat Veteran On Christmas Eve

After Jerking Around A Disabled Combat Veteran For Nearly A Decade, PHH Mortgage Plans To Evict Him On Christmas Eve 

disabled combat veteran

Being sick from toxic fumes he didn’t know he was inhaling was the last thing disabled combat veteran Kevin Elkins was thinking about while sitting in the Saudi Arabian desert almost 30 years ago.

Elkin was there along with 400,000 other American and Coalition troops to liberate Kuwait. He never thought Operation Desert Storm would make him sick.

After all, there was hardly any fighting. Iraqi troops either fled their posts or surrendered en masse. Kuwait was pretty much liberated within a week.

Kevin Elkins and his wife settled in Houston and bought a home after being honorably discharged from the military. In 2004, they bought their dream house on Bridle Court in Houston, Texas and financed it through the now-defunct First Franklin Financial Corporation. 

In 2010, Kevin Elkin began suffering respiratory problems that his doctors in Houston couldn’t diagnose. Eventually, as Elkin’s health deteriorated, the doctors at the VA diagnosed Elkin with what became known as “Gulf War Illness

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