Bank Of America Foreclosure Mill May Have Altered Mortgage Documents

Did Bank of America Foreclosure Mill Alter Mortgage Documents In A Foreclosure Case?

Bank of America Foreclosure Mill

MFI-Miami has busted a suburban Milwaukee foreclosure mill for filing altered mortgage documents as evidence in a foreclosure case. The Bank of America Foreclosure Mill is BP Peterman Law Group. BP Peterman Law Group was representing Bank of America in a foreclosure action against Dwayne Mosley.

Bank of America panicked after learning Mosley had hired MFI-Miami to investigate the file. As a result, they sold the mortgage to Carrington Mortgage Services during litigation. 

Here’s what happened:

On February 20, 2018, BP Peterman filed a foreclosure complaint against Mosley in the Waukesha Circuit Court.

As in any judicial foreclosure, the lender’s lawyer must provide a copy of the mortgage along with mortgage assignments and the note with any allonges as exhibits in the complaint.

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